VAST CHARM INDUSTRIAL LIMITED is a global trims and accessories supplier and having excellent client base all over the world.

We provide a stupendous collection of Trims and Accessories, such as Belt, Hot Fix Motif, Genuine Leather, Button, Lace, Flowers, Fur & Feather, Hand-made items, Metal items, Glass / Resin & Acrylic stones, Patch, Special Embroidery & machine stitch sequins........etc.
We are experience Trims & Accessories supplier and our products have passed all the necessary tests for different standards. We are familiar with the entire test requirments for all the men, women & children wear of different countries.

Let us know what you need and give us the specification. we will produce the finest samples in the shortest period of time for your consideration.

We are looking forward to receive your inquiry!
Superior MC Hot Fix
Resin stone
Chaton Stone
Solder Chain
Silk Flower
Leather Patch
Rhinestone Motif
Metallic thread Patch
Feather Patch
Feather tapes

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